Current Green Globe Affiliates include:


Fiscally Green

FiscallyGreen established in 2010 by Jeff Garrison, CPA, offers professional services to forward thinking businesses who utilize our natural resources of renewable energy, water harvesting and agriculture in their business model including medicinal and adult marijuana entities that face the evolving rigorous laws and mandates of the cannabis industry. FiscallyGreen assists enterprises in bridging the gap between ‘a desire to provide’ and execution of their strategies by affording services to many industries. Read more at

Jeff Garrison



Water Recycling Systems

wrslogo2Water Recycling Systems is a leading environmental resource company specializing in innovative and practical water reuse systems. We design, manufacture and sell these systems for hotels, resorts and commercial properties as well as single and multi-family residences. Read more at

Buzz Boettcher



Island Energy Innovations

IEI logo stretchIEI develops comprehensive, integrated, and actionable renewable energy conversion strategies for shifting island electric supply systems from high levels of dependence on expensive fossil fuels to high utilization of clean, lower-cost renewable energy. IEI then implements those strategies through business structures uniquely tailored to each market situation. Read more at

Chris Elliott



Island Services Group

Morris Anselmi



Tropitech Solutions

TROPlogo_stretch2Tropitech Solutions is a U.S. Virgin Islands based company providing electrical engineering consultation, industrial and commercial energy assessments, and renewable energy solutions. Read more at

Steve Garner



Energy Surety Partners

ESP_Logo_stretchEnergy Surety Partners’ mission is to provide low carbon, advanced power solutions that integrate energy storage systems to deliver reliable, affordable, efficient and environmentally-sound power to utilities, power producers and large power users. Read more at

Tim Long



S & S Technologies

Anura Munasinghe



Beezley Energy Advisors

BEEZlogo_stretchBeezley Energy Advisors is a sustainable design and renewable energy consultancy that provides the diverse knowledge and expertise needed to design, build and maintain successful sustainability and green energy projects for our clients across the United States. Read more at

Larry Eisenberg



Viking Green Energy Exploration, LLC

Viking Green Energy Exploration was formed as a reaction to the paralysis created by the risk-averse nature of the current green energy industry. By bridging the gap between the technology providers, the asset controllers, and the energy investors, Viking puts at risk its own capital to explore high probability green energy projects to bring them to fruition. The goal is not to place a particular technology, not to drive up the size or cost of a project, but to evaluate and propose the most cost effective green energy solution for a particular natural energy source.

Jonathan Bjork



Ignition Point Energy

IPElogo_stretchIgnition Point Energy (IPE) is an energy solutions company for commercial and industrial (C&I) and Utility-Scale projects in the US and Internationally. Ignition Point Energy provides and promotes energy efficient solutions, developing the energy resources of the future, including Micro-grids, Solar PV Farms, Advanced Battery Storage, Wind Farms, and other renewable energy sources. Read more at

Adem Aytar