Example Case

Tarsier Ltd.


Tarsier Ltd. a U.S. publicly traded company company that provides Energy, Big Data and Smart City Solutions to a wide range of customers in the U.S. and international markets.

Primary Program Targets:  

Current Stockholders – 

As a currently trading public company, Tarsier endeavors to keep its current shareholders up to date of its activities and regularly articulate its value proposition. Due to risk mitigation factors and additional business opportunities, it has become important for companies, particularly a public company with stockholders, to communicate sustainability as one of their guiding principles.  

Potential Investors – 

As an emerging public company, a critical audience for Tarsier is the fast-growing category of sustainability-interested investors, whose investments have expanded to $8.72 trillion in value in the U.S. alone. Client demand was cited as the driving force for this category of investing by 85% of money managers. As millennials age and become the majority of the investing population – they are projected to become the wealthiest generation in America’s history due to “transferred wealth” – the demand for “impact” investment is expected to grow likely. Eighty-five percent of millennial investors expressed an interest in this category of investing. 

Existing Customers –

With the increased focus on clean energy, the value proposition of Tarsier’s energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services is important to communicate to its existing customers. Sustainability can also help address Tarsier’s existing customers address their supply chain concerns.

Potential Customers –

Sustainability marketing can also catch the eyes of potential customers through Tarsier’s industry network and through industry media outlets.  There are numerous energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, LED lighting and related industry media outlets that are being introduced to Tarsier’s sustainability commitment story.    

Community (including communities where Tarsier projects are underway or being contemplated) – 

Tarsier’s sustainability commitment will be communication to communities, particularly to the communities in which its projects are being undertaken. Energy projects, in particular often require community buy-in as well as government and regulatory approvals. The Green Globe brand carries with it significant weight as a sustainability badge, and provides even more meaning in certain international markets where Tarsier intends to begin projects.. 

The Public – 

Positive corporate sustainability stories elevate Tarsier’s public perception, including energy users where Tarsier supplies energy and Smart City solutions. Media placement(s) can help bring Tarsier greater public awareness and a more positive public perception. Benefits could include additional bsuines and/or additional retail stockholders.  



Specifically tailored for Tarsier and to target its most valuable audiences.

Press Release 

The initial announcement proclaiming Tarsier’s commitment to sustainability was distributed through a U.S. national newswire  – Tarsier’s Sustainability Solutions Recognized by International Green Globe Program



Story Placement  

Tarsier’s commitment announcement was picked up by financial news outlets including Google Finance, where it is seen by stockholders, potential investors, financial institutions and other targeted financial audiences. The story was also sent to key industry media outlets, to gain additional exposure to potential customers and partners.



Green Globe Network  

Tarsier was introduced to additional business, sustainability, financial, environmental, community, government and other contacts through a Green Globe network mailing



Social Media

Tarsier’s membership announcement was posted to multiple Green Globe brand social media channels with a total of hundreds of thousands of impressions, views and interactions.   




The Green Globe Pathway logo is being placed in the header of the Tarsier website, and a new “Sustainability” section.



Website Content

A new “Sustainability” section has been created for the Tarsier website featuring details of the Green Globe program and Tarsier’s sustainability characteristics.



Sustainability Solutions

Green Globe has introduced Tarsier into additional markets and to new potential customers. Potential revenues from these projects, should they come to fruition, are in the millions of dollars.




Due to its low price point, Pathway’s return on investment is very easily attained, and Tarsier has already benefited in these tangible ways:  

  • New customers introduced by Green Globe (potential project value in the millions of dollars)
  • New investors attracted by sustainability story
  • Increased web search results and website traffic
  • Increased stock volume and price appreciation