What is the purpose of the Pathway to Sustainability program?

Pathway was designed to assist organizations – companies, non-profits, partnerships, community organizations, and virtually any other type of organized group – improve their sustainability practices, connect with like-minded organizations, and engage with consumers, customers, the public, their industries, and their communities.

The guiding principle behind Pathway is that every organization, no matter where they are in their sustainability journey, can improve further, make additional connections, and better engage with audiences interested in their sustainability stories.

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How does the Pathway program define sustainability?

While there are countless definitions of sustainability, as an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization and sponsor of the highly respected Green Globe Standards, Green Globe supports and endorses the UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world leaders on September 25, 2015.  These goals have been characterized as a to-do list for people and planet and a blueprint for sustainability success.  They include goals related to environment, energy, food, consumption, community, and others. 

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Why should my organization partner with Pathway, rather than another sustainability program?

There are several reasons we believe Pathway is the best choice for your organization:

Superior communication – Pathway actively and comprehensively promotes its members and through more channels than any other program, including press, media relations, social media, web, network, and others.

Superior brand recognition – No symbol more strongly communicates sustainability than the highly respected and internationally recognized Green Globe logo, which has a history that spans two and a half decades and is seen in nearly 100 countries around the world.

Extensive network – With such a long history in sustainability, associations with world-leading brands in a variety of industries, memberships in global organizations and leading industry trade groups, Green Globe has built an extensive network of sustainability, business, community, government and other key contacts, with whom we communicate via email, Skype, telephone, and in person.    

Designed for all – There is no one type of organization that Pathway is designed for.  It fits with any type of entity, and no program features easier entry, affordability and cost-effectiveness.   

What does my organization get out of joining?

Press Release – Pathway assists with the development and distribution of a press release that is distributed for maximum exposure to your targeted audiences

Media Placement – Your sustainability story covered by a key media outlet to receive for maximum exposure to your targeted audiences as well as to attract new eyes to your story.

Logo Usage – The Green Globe Pathway logo can be used on your websites, products, marketing collateral, social media channels, signage, event material, places of business – everywhere targeted audiences see you.

Social Media Engagement – Pathway posts you organization’s news, milestones and achievements to multiple Green Globe brand channels, including several Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Network Marketing – Pathway distributes your news, milestones and achievements through the extensive Green Globe network of sustainability, business, community, government and other contacts, who are in our email database. 

Websites – Your organization is listed and its news is posted to the Pathway website and other associated Green Globe sites.

Sustainability Consulting and Solutions – Your organization will be introduced to applicable sustainability related products, services and opportunities, which may reduce your costs and increase profitability while benefitting people and plant.

Leadership Recognition – A member of your management team can be honored with Sustainability Leadership Honors for your organization’s sustainability commitment. 

Ongoing Promotion – Ongoing coverage of your organization’s activities and achievement through all brand channels. 

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What is Green Globe?

The Green Globe brand was born out of the 1992 United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, where over 180 heads of state from around the world endorsed the Agenda 21 principles of sustainable development.  In the wake of the 1992 Earth Summit, the UN came to define sustainable development in terms of economic development, social development, environmental protection, and culture – all elements of Green Globe’s sustainability principles. 

The first Green Globe initiative was developed within the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) to provide a way forward for pioneering tourism companies that were interested in measuring their environmental impact and then developing and implementing strategies to reduce those impacts.  Green Globe became a separate and autonomous organization Green Globe, Ltd. owner of the brand, and continues to be the dominant sustainability brand and program for the travel and tourism industry with two licensees, Green Globe Asia Pacific (GGAP) and Green Globe Certification (GGC) providing sustainability certification services.

In early 2007, a majority interest in Green Globe, Ltd. was acquired by Green Globe International, Inc., a U.S. public company. Under the combined leadership of Green Globe, Ltd. and Green Globe International, uses of the brand have been expanded to include member programs for businesses and organizations outside of travel and tourism; energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy storage solutions; Green Globe branded tools for carbon calculation and offset; and a broad range of related sustainability consulting services. The brand is leading efforts to develop and implement energy and community-building programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

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