Green Globe International, Inc.

Green Globe International, Inc., a U.S. public company traded under the stock symbol GGII, owns a majority interest – approximately 90% – of Green Globe, Limited, the UK company that owns the Green Globe brand and all global trademark rights.  Green Globe, Limited licenses the brand’s use for sustainability programs worldwide that meet the universally respected Green Globe Standards, which were developed by world leading scientists and academics.


GGII’s core focus is to assist the brand owner and licensor in expanding the commercial use the Green Globe brand and to continually develop new acquisition and investment opportunities for the holding company to build shareholder value.



Green Globe International, Inc. is listed on the OTC Markets Exchange. (Pink Sheets) under the symbol “GGII.” The company acquired the Green Globe brand through its purchase of the majority interest (currently 88%) of Green Globe, Ltd., a UK company that owns the Green Globe brand and trademark rights.



Never before has the need for businesses to operate in an environmentally responsible manner been so evident. Sustainability related products, services and consulting are a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow as more businesses seek to implement programs that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability as a major part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.