Member Benefits

More Details on Pathway’s Specific Member Benefits

Sustainability Consulting

Green Globe provides Pathway members with information on applicable money and resource saving solutions, which deliver immediate and long-term cost savings resulting in corresponding benefits to the organization’s bottom line as well as the inherent environmental, social, community, and workplace benefits. Cost saving can be relaized in energy, water, waste, and other categories.


Press Release ($575 Value)

Having developed and distributed over 1,000 press releases, Pathway will help to plan, draft, review, and distribute an initial press release regarding the member’s sustainability and commitment to sustainability improvement with distribution to a major global newswire.  The distribution can be targeted geographically and with specific industry focus. Newswire releases have the highest rates of media pickup and appear prominently in Google searches and Google News searches. The member is provided a newswire Engagement Report, which shows the reach of the press release and provides specific web results from media outlets as well as additional engagement information.


Media Placement (Placement value ranges from $500-$5,000 or more)

After the press release is distributed through the newswire, the story is pitched to the member’s targeted news outlets, which may include geographical, industry and/or additional specialized media channels. Pathway’s Media Relations professionals will achieve at least one successful media placement in a targeted outlet, and often, more than one media placement will result from these efforts. While Media Relations firms that offer pay-for-placement billing models may charge anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for each successful media placement, this guaranteed media placement is provided as part of the highly affordable annual membership cost.*



Pathway members benefit from additional content generated by the program, including the press release and media coverage added to the member’s website, the Pathway logo in the header, footer and/or content pages of the member’s website, program information and the Green Globe brand’s extensive history on a “Sustainability” page of the member’s website, a listing on the Pathway website and content on associate Green Globe brand websites.


Increased Web Presence

Pathway program content results in additional information indexed by major web search engines and can used as part of SEO and additional web awareness efforts.


Social Media

Member information is featured on all Green Globe social media channels, including multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.  Additional accounts, including Instragram and YouTube are utilized if members have images and video to feature.  The social media initiative continues with posting of member news, achievements and milestones throughout the year of membership. These posting receive tens of thousands of impressions, follows, likes, re-postings, and additional engagement, including potential media coverage, business inquiries and leads.


Green Globe Network

Once a member has joined, its membership announcment is sent as a news release to the Green Globe network, an extensive list of business leaders, sustainability interested investors, media, sustainability market participants, financing resources, community leaders, government officials and other key contacts. Network communications continue throughout the membership period to update subscribers about additional member achievements, milestones, business news, and opportunities for partnerships. Members are introduced to key contacts to explore new business, media coverage, and additional opportunities.



The Green Globe Pathway to Sustainability logo, an internationally recognized sustainability symbol, is provided to the member for placement on its products, use in multiple locations on the member’s website, integration into marketing materials, display in business locations and anywhere else key audiences will see it.


New Business

Beyond the communication and engagement channels listed above, Pathway and Green Globe brand management will introduce member businesses to potential partners, customers, capital resources, and additional resources in the large and expanding Green Globe professional network. Depending of the member’s industry, and market sector, a single new business relationship can represent millions of dollars in market value.


Leadership Recognition

Pathway provides “Sustainability Leadership” recognition for an individual(s) on a member’s management team, which can be publicized through follow-up media coverage and can be utilized in LinkedIn profiles, professional biographies, in business leadership award nominations, and more. This accolade becomes a part of the individual’s professional profile.


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*Media list targets must be approved by both the member and Pathway media relations professionals for placement to be guaranteed