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The benefits of Pathway Membership include:

Recognition as a Sustainability Leader by the world’s premier green brand


Impeccable Green Credentials; Credibility; 3rd Party Recognition

 The Green Globe brand carries with it a long and distinguished history in sustainability and unparalleled green business credentials. Member organizations and their leaders gain instant credibility for their own operations and for any sustainability related services or products they provide.  Sustainability branding  and a narrative of how you support sustainability will be featured on on your website, in management profiles, marketing and anywhere where your company is seen.  Member organizations make a definitive and meaningful statement about their sustainability – with the express support of a globally respected 3rd party sustainability brand, which will be seen by customers, clients, partner businesses, government entities, community and environmental groups, and other stakeholders.


Identification of potential cost savings and additional monetary benefits from more sustainable operations and organizational practices

money-finance-bills-bank-notesCost-Savings; Higher Value

To the surprise of many, sustainability can be a cost-saving business practice in addition to all of its social, environmental and community benefits. Energy efficiency is considered the “low-hanging fruit” with, in many cases, immediate cost savings, financing options that require no initial capital investment and increases in property values for entities that own their facilities. The use of water, an increasingly threatened and expensive resource, can be reduced through a variety of recycling and treatment technologies, saving businesses that use large quantities of water a significant amount of water as part of their operations.  Members will be introduced to a variety of potentially cost saving sustainability solutions – with no obligation to buy – but highlighting the clear economic benefit to the member business.


Recognition as an environmental leader in the member’s industry, community, and with the member’s key stakeholders

pexels-photoIndustry Leadership; Response to Climate Change; Industry Voice

With the looming threat of climate change, increasing concerns over water scarcity and water pollution, environmental degradation, dwindling finite resources, mass wildlife extinctions, social inequity, and a host of others, being positioned as a leader – as a positive example – in the area of sustainability is an advantage in virtually every industry. This authority position increases your visibility in your market, allows you to comment on sustainability within your industry and recommend best practices to others, all of which provide significant media opportunities and places your organization and its leaders even further ahead of your competitors in the eyes of consumers.


Exceed community and customer expectations as an environmentally responsible business

restaurant-people-alcohol-barViewed as: Environmentally Responsible, Responsive to Customer Values, Community Leader

Environmental responsibility was seen, for many years and by many people, as a marketing gimmick or at least a niche for certain businesses that catered to environmentally-conscious customers . Today, due in large part to the well-publicized threat of global climate change as well as the clear cost of environmental damage on people, planet and profits, a growing percentage of consumers choose brands value sustainability as they do. This is no longer considered a niche. It is understand that virtually all business, in whatever market they compete, must show that are sensitive, and are responding, to their customers concerns about sustainability. Consumers are increasingly likely to change brands if sustainability expectations are not being met. These expectations are growing in all demographics, but are particularly passionate with younger consumers, whose numbers are growing and will dominate the buying public in the not too distant future. Even Wall Street and Big Business have responded to this shift and are including sustainability reporting and similar initiatives to meet investor and customer demands. Pathway to Sustainability provides information for members to provide to their customers so they know your organization and its leaders shares the same sustainability values that they do.


Improved working environment for employees and management

 summer-office-student-workAttract Better Employees and Higher Retention; Lower Health Care Costs

In addition to consumers, the most sought after employees are increasingly seeking out companies that operate sustainable – understanding that these are the organizations more likely to prosper in the long term as well as sharing their values. Workers in companies that rank highest in sustainability also report the highest levels of job satisfaction. Younger employees – those in their 20s and 30s – will soon dominate the employee pool, and there is no reason to believe that future generations of workers will feel differently about working for sustainable organizations. The ability to market your organization as a sustainable business will help you attract the best candidates and retain your best employees. Given the costs of recruitment and employee retention initiatives, having this advantage over your competitors is a tremendous benefit.


Positive media attention through Green Globe publicity channels and the member’s press releases and news coverage

man-hands-reading-boyMore Media Coverage; A Unique Media Narrative; Differentiation

Every industry has its most commonly pitched media angles. They vary for each industry but most are, by definition, common and do not typically excite writers and editors enough for them to write an article or film a segment for television news. Most media-savvy organizations are looking for something that will really grab the attention of not only the media, who ultimately decides what gets published, but also the public who won’t pay attention to stories with no interesting angles. Sustainability is an angle that generates more interest – due to the rising concerns over climate change and environmental pollution. Look no further than today’s news and social media outlets and you will see stories about companies and their management teams making strides toward greater sustainability. The media loves these stories, and adding that narrative to your organization’s public conversation will catch the attention of potential costumers, your industry and the community in which you conduct business. Media reprints are also highly effective additions to marketing collateral and website content.  


New marketing angles for the member as a high profile green business and environmental leader 

love-blue-bed-giftUnique Marketing Narratives; Differentiation

In today’s consumer landscape, it is a tremendous advantage to have the ability to authentically market your organization as a green, environmentally conscious enterprise that care about its community, about people, about the planet while still working to provide for its employees and their families. Yes, your products still need to be good and delivered at a fair price. Sustainability will not mask core business liabilities, but it will allow you to differentiate between you and your competition. Most businesses operate in a crowded market.  How do you stand out? What are your corporate values and are they communicating in your marketing efforts? Sustainability can help define you to consumers in another, very compelling, way. 


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