Unparalleled Reach

News Distribution

No sustainability brand has greater media reach than Green Globe.  Distribution channels utilized by the brand and its licensees include global newswire services, industry, trade and specialty media.

Specific channels include the global and specific national financial media, which includes distribution to:

•  Bloomberg – 2,300 editors and reporters in 72 countries

•  Dow Jones – 600,000 subscribers

•  Wall Street Journal – 2.4 million copies and approximately 900,000 digital subscriptions

• – 27 million unique visitors each month

•  MSN Money – 465 million unique consumers each month globally – 117 million in the U.S.

•  CNN Money – 7.8 million unique visitors per month

General media (reaching major international, national, regional, metropolitan, and local outlets) including:

•  The Associated Press – operates 243 newsrooms in 120 countries with stories published/republished by over 1,700 newspapers and 5,000 television/radio broadcasters.

•  Reuters – the a major international news agency operating in over 200 cities in 94 countries with 2,600 journalists

Media Relations

Green Globe conducts media relations efforts on behalf of its Pathway to Sustainability members to place stories in their most coveted media outlets, including international, national, regional and local outlets.

Program Press Releases

Program Media Coverage

Member Press Releases

Member Media Coverage