Program Description

nature-forest-trees-environmentPathway to Sustainability is a program that confers Green Globe Baseline status on companies, organizations, and other entities (cities, destinations, even nations) that have made a commitment to more sustainable practices in areas defined by the Green Globe Standards, developed for the leading international environmental program.



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Green Globe is a unique sustainability brand due to its long and distinguished history working with for-profit businesses, as well as with governments, NGOs, industry and trade groups, and non-profits. Active long before most other sustainability products were even conceptualized, Green Globe has been the leading international environmental business program for two decades and has a footprint in 100 countries around the world. Partner organizations have included international bodies including the United Nations (UNWTO), high profile trade groups including the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), governments and government affiliated agencies including the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, and businesses – large and small – in a wide variety of industries.  


What’s the appeal? Pathway to Sustainability is the most flexible business sustainability program, providing member organizations a path toward improvements in a variety of areas including:

⇒ Environmental Stewardship                              ⇒ Sustainable Development

⇒ Energy Efficiency                                               ⇒ Renewable Energy

⇒ Water Conservation                                           ⇒ Waste Management

⇒ Corporate Social Responsibility                        ⇒ Charitable Support

⇒ Wildlife Protection                                            ⇒ Community Building


The comprehensive Green Globe Standards fit entities in virtually any industry or business sector, making it far more flexible than standard for a single area – for instance, buildings. The global imprint and long history is another clear benefit for the Green Globe brand.  


The principal objectives of the Green Globe Baseline Standard is to facilitate:

• Responsible and sustainable environmental and social activities
• Improved environmental and social outcomes


black-and-white-lights-corridor-indoorsThe Green Globe Baseline Standard provides organizations with a framework to assess their environmental sustainability performance.  The outcome is a roadmap to more efficient and cost effective use of resources, and an overall enhancement of an organization’s environmental, social and economic performance.




While each organization’s Pathway is unique – depending on the member’s operations, industry, the communities in which they operate, and other factors – some typical steps on the Pathway to Sustainability are included in Program Steps.


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