Program Steps

Pathway to Sustainability Program is designed to fit a wide variety of types of organizations in virtually any industry or market sector (including specifically for either Public or Private companies). Due to Pathway’s flexibility, the steps for each type of organization are tailored for each member, but the typical steps are as follows:

Pathway Steps:

1. Organization Joins Pathway to Sustainability

Pathway to Sustainability not only carries the most impactful global green brand, but it is also the simplest business sustainability program to join. The member submits some basic information about their business in a program questionnaire. This information helps Green Globe identify the areas in which the organization is already employing sustainable practices as well as helping to pinpoint potential recommendations for future sustainability improvement

2. Member Receives Logo for Display on Website, Marketing Material, Business Locations, Advertising, Product/Service Branding, etc.

Once an organization joins the Pathway, the Green Globe Pathway logo is provided for display on the organization’s website, marketing collateral, social media channels, advertising, event material, places of business, on products – anywhere consumers and industry sees them. Green Globe also provides its program history and credentials that the member can use on the “Sustainability” section or page on its website, marketing collateral, wherever it might be useful. When describing the program and brand, the member can apply the Green Globe brand logo.

3. Green Globe Issues Press Release Announcing Member’s Sustainability Commitment

Green Globe works with the new member to develop and distribute a press release, issued by Green Globe, announcing the member’s commitment to sustainability. Where the press release is distributed and posted will be decided in consultation with the member. The goal is to create a definitive public statement that the member has committed to sustainability and the values embodied by the Pathway program. Members may also choose to distribute a press release under their brand. Green Globe can assist with the development of member press releases. If the member chooses to distribute a press release, it can be issued concurrently or using whatever timing will maximize impact and reach.

4. Green Globe Provides Story to Member’s Targeted Media for Additional Coverage

Green Globe will assist in the creation of a media pitch and will help to introduce the story to the member’s targeted media outlets for coverage. Media outlets can include industry and general geographic media, including print, online, radio, and television. Green Globe will also support inclusion of the member’s sustainability commitment or specific feature for any applicable advertising efforts.

5. Green Globe Distributes Member Commitment Through its Global Network

Your organization’s membership and any subsequent news is distributed through multiple website, email, social media channels to the Green Globe network of business and sustainability leaders, their followers, and audiences interested in sustainability and the organizations that make the commitment to environmental stewardship, community support and social responsibility.

6. Green Globe Introduces Sustainability Solutions for Member Improvement: Energy, Water, Waste, Community

Based on a very simple sustainability questionnaire, Green Globe provides information on market-leading sustainability products and services that may save energy, water and waste costs, bolster community profile and highlight support for social causes, and other benefits related to more sustainable operations/activities (The Member is under no obligation to use any referred product or service).

7. Green Globe Provides Ongoing Coverage of Member Business and Achievements

Green Globe continues to follow the member throughout the year of membership, helping to build awareness through social media channels, websites, and, potentially. additional news and media coverage.

8. Green Globe Provides Ongoing Sustainability Support & Introduction to New Solutions

Green Globe continues to introduce the member to additional potential sustainability products and services throughout the period of membership. The brand will serve as the member’s sustainability consultant as requested.

Program members are under no obligation to use any product or service introduced by Green Globe as a result of initial sustainability assessment, follow-up analysis and/or recommendations.

Membership represents the member’s commitment to measuring its environmental footprint and move toward a more sustainable future – acknowledged by environmental leaders as the first critical step on the path to environmental stewardship, community involvement, and response to global climate change.

Once membership is conferred, Green Globe seeks every opportunity and avenue to support the member’s sustainability efforts; introduce the member to new technologies and services; publicize the member’s sustainability commitment; assist in building the member’s following of socially and environmentally conscious customers; and in every other way provide support for the member’s journey toward greater efficiency, lower energy and water usage, reduced energy and water costs, and decreased environmental impacts.