Public Company Benefits

Pathway’s Communications Team possesses over 40 years of collective experience in the public markets and can provide these additional program benefits for publicly-traded companies:


Sustainability Interested Investors

Pathway awareness efforts for public companies specifically target “impact” or socially-conscious investors. No other sustainability brand can attract sustainability interested investors like Pathway can. The Green Globe brand’s long and distinguished history in sustainability, its extensive experience in the financial markets (including public company management, capital raising, public relations, investor relations, 3rd party awareness programs, more) its sustainability media contacts, and large professional network positions Pathway to attract the greatest number of investors seeking to place their money with companies that share their values.


Financing Resources

The Pathway team’s direct experience in the U.S. public markets provides our members seeking financing partners with high quality, reliable options. Our network partners understand the true value of sustainability and typically take the long view for their investments. As with its network of 3rd party sustainability solutions providers, Pathway is happy to make introductions to good potential financing partners and does not attempt to influence members to use a particular funding source.


Awareness Programs

Beyond expert public markets communication practices, Pathway can introduce public company members to a select number of awareness companies that a member┬ámay choose to attract additional eyes to their stock. Given the well-earned negative reputation of the majority of “stock promotion” companies, Pathway’s knowledge of the awareness landscape can be an invaluable resource to its public company members.


Financial Media

Having pitched a countless number of stories to financial media outlets and having achieved placement in many high profile channels, Pathway is uniquely positioned to place Pathway member stories to financial media.